Democrat Calls For Less Law Enforcement At The Border

Texas congresswoman Veronica Escobar want to border patrol and other law enforcement taken off the border. She wants to ‘civilianize’ the people processing ILLEGAL ALIENS, NOT migrants or refugees who are ILLEGALLY entering the US (8 US Code § 1325. Improper entry by aline

What this ditz is suggesting will lead to more chaos on the border, if thats even possible. Border agents, law enforcement ARMED on the border offer some deterrence, where the invaders are more likely to surrender to someone with a badge and gun vs some sissy Leftists social worker! This is insane, and let’s be honest she wants agents off the border because she knows it will make it that much easier for undocumented democrat voters to enter – imagine a bunch of unhinged violent Leftists Karens and the male version (Ken, Kevin, Greg??) with their unkept beards, hair in a bun and stinking of patchouli.

What we need is militia, per the founders definition (all able bodied men and women) to get down to the border and stop the invaders. Add the Freedom Truckers to that who can create a wall with their trucks because driving around DC is a waste of time!

What would be even better is someone finding a way to start arresting govt/federal officials, which includes border agents “just following orders” ILLEGAL ORDERS, for breaking federal immigration laws by bringing illegals into the US, aiding and harboring them, not to mention trafficking them around the US!