Here Are The 10 Republicans Who Voted With Democrats Against YOUR Second Amendment Rights

The House voted and passed 226-194 on their massive anti-Second Amendment bill with the help of 10 traitorous republicans, where even disassembling, cleaning and assembling your weapon(s) would be a crime per language buried in the bill*….

‘‘The term ‘manufacturing firearms’ shall
include a͟s͟s͟e͟m͟b͟l͟i͟n͟g͟ a functional firearm or molding, machining, or 3D printing a frame or receiver, and
shall not include making or fitting special barrels,
stocks, or trigger mechanisms to firearms.’’

*Take note, this was adopted from the tyrants in California who have just about legislated away citizens 2A rights. A lot of the provisions in this illegal bill are already law in CA.

Magazine limits, Red Flag law that violates your right to due process, age limit etc in this bill are all just the beginning of a greater gun grab coming.

Theses monsters are in fact violating their oath to support and defend the US Constitution by voting on this anti-2A bill. All these gun laws are direct violations of “..shall not be infringed,” that was written clear as day.

These BASTARDS do not care if they violate your rights and the oath they swore to, and MUST be removed from office:

Brian Fitzpatrick-PA
Anthony Gonzalez-OH
Chris Jacobs-NY
John Katko-NY
Adam Kinzinger-IL (this degenerate TRAITOR has been redistricted out by his dem pals he pandered to)
Nicole Malliotakis-NY
Maria Salazar-FL
Chris Smith-NJ
Michael Turner-OH
Fred Upton-MI(this scumbag is out too, after F’ing us over repeatedly)

Majority of the GOP needs to go, they are as bad as the dems if not worse because they hide their treasonous behvior, there is literally a handful worth keeping.

DO NOT COMPLY with any of these ILLEGAL “laws” being passed.