Dem: There Could Be Violence During Midterms Because Of Trump

Dem Rep Steve ‘Skullet’ Cohen is really circling the drain trying to spin the J6 and all the other Leftist lies as midterms approach. This is one of many seeds being planted to question the results when… IF dems get thrown out of majority power – don’t hold your breath.

Anyway this degenerate claims there could be violence because of “the fealty to Trump continues and the encouragement to the white supremacists and the terrorists to be involved continues.” Yes, he has a terminal case of TDS….

The only acts of violence that will take place will be by the hands of Leftists, Skullet and his party’s supporters. We have 1000’s of hours of videos of Leftists burning, looting, physically attacking even murdering people in the name of their radical agenda. These are people who go insane if you don’t use the right pronoun when addressing them.

Someone should ask Skullet boy and his ilk, exactly how could the country have been overthrown on J6 when NO ONE was armed? How does a group of people take over a nation without weapons!?