Biden 2006: We’re Paying For High Gas Prices “Because We Lack An Energy Policy”

Gas hit a national avg of $4.86, and in some places its as high at $8+ all by design by this illegitimate fool and really his handlers. The old bastard in ’06 claimed high prices are the result of lacking an energy policy because a republican (Bush Jr) was in office.

Different story today, progressives are causing high prices on fossil fuel energy to in fact cause so much economic pain on Americans you’ll all give in to their Green New Deal energy plan that will destroy whats left of the USA.

Fact remains solar and wind CANNOT meet our current energy needs, and there is nothing in place or in development that can meet our energy needs. When capacity doubles and everyone is forced to own an electric vehicle (they can’t afford) the moment 1/4 of the country “plugs in” we will have blackouts, not just in a section of a town or city, but entire cities, regions will blackout.

Dunno how you’re gonna do it America but you MUST get these monsters in office out of power in the next 2-3yrs. If not there will not be much of an America, the shell of it now, left.