Pelosi Blocks Security Bill: SCOTUS Justices Are Not In Danger

It hasn’t even been 48 hours since an assassin was stopped from killing Justice Kavanaugh, and possibly his family, and Nanzi Pelozei blocked the bi-partisan SCOTUS security bill passed in the Senate claiming none of the SCOTUS Justices are in danger!

This woman is pure evil, just as Archbishop Cordileone stated:

The conservative Justices are not safe. Conservatives are not safe. YOU ARE NOT SAFE.
The Left is out for blood, they will drag this all out like they’re “doing something” with the hopes of something very bad happening against a govt official or high profile individual so they can get everything they want, including a major gun grab, not the 1000 paper cuts they’ve been dishing out.

Watch your 6, prepare for the worst hope for the best.