She’s Telling You They’re Going To Steal Another One!

In early 2020 and months that followed this thing VERY CONFIDENTLY proclaimed, on multiple occasions, ‘Donald Trump would not be re-elected’. She KNEW what was going on and how things would end in November. She’s using similar language for the coming midterms, and is again VERY CONFIDENT dems will hold power.

This should scare the hell out of everyone, because these monsters are going to steal another election. The seeds are being planted on tough races, some dems on their way out but don’t be surprised election day… month when we find out this one and that one “just barely squeezed out a victory”.

As of today the GOP has done NOTHING to prevent a repeat of 2020, progressives still control the election system and counting ballots. The audits have shown holes and mistakes made in the monsters system that will be fixed where you won’t even know they stole the election.

Everyone you know will vote against these bastards, but oddly they’ll win, just like some old guy, in severe cognitive decline, who barely had people show up to any of his events(they NEVER added up to a 1/4 of Trump supporters turnout), hiding in his basement got more votes than 0bama.

America Pelosi is TELLING YOU NOW, like she did in 2020, democrats/progressives are going to steal the election. What are you going to do about it!?