President Trump Predicted EVERYTHING Biden Is Doing To Destroy America

Great compilation of predictions President Trump made of what would happen under the illegitimate regime that has now thrown the US on a course for destruction.

EVERYTHING happening is on purpose, progressives STOLE the presidency to make this all happen, from inflation, open-border, attack on gun rights and other rights, oil prices, failed foreign policy etc. They honestly believe when the dust settles after SHTF when they switch this machine they’ve been building for years (Build Back Better aka Great Reset aka New World Order) they’ll be the ones standing on the rubble to bring people together and rebuild a better America!

You can thank your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers who voted for this fool his party and those who voted against Trump for this disaster that will bring this country to its knees economically while leaving the door wide-open for our enemies.

Buy guns, ammo, and STANDARD capacity MAGAzines (aka “high capacity”).