Dem Congressman: There Will Be A Civil War If The Republicans Take The House In The Midterms

The democrats are always use scare tactics and fear mongering when things aren’t going their way. Here we have radical Leftist Jamaal Bowman claiming if the radicals of the far-right as well as, yep you guessed it, white nationalists “believe that it is their time to not just take power in the House, but the Senate, the White House, and state houses across the country and we’ve got to understand that this is a group that has been radicalized by the great replacement myth and many other things, and have been pushing for violence and even civil war”. Typical to threaten the People of what will happen if the other side was to get things under control. Naturally this degenerate groups everyone on the right with a very small number of radicals.

The only people talking about the great replacement are the same people who created it… The Left! No one on the right knows anything about this, and these extremists they fear of on the right are minuscule and not welcome on the right. Whereas Bowman and his ilk WELCOME antifa, BLM, socialists, marxists, and all the radicals they pander to who have destroyed towns and cities, and right now as we speak are organizing to tear things up in anticipation of the SCOTUS Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling that could reverse Roe v Wade.

This country is ALREADY in civil war, many will disagree, but this site has made the case for some time now. The state of this country is far worse than it was in the late 1850’s, early 1860-61. Again, we have people right now planning to tear things apart over the “right” or not to KILL unborn babies!! Then theres the rampant attacks at anyone who dares have an opinion that is not in line with the DNC. Americans are permanently divided on countless issues, there’s violence in almost every major city under democrat control, with it migrating out. Our rights are being trampled on, or didn’t you notice during the c0vId l0ckd0wns, especially how countless elected officials have done everything possible to hold onto that power trip they got?

Look at the abuse and pervasions being perpetrated against children in schools and media (Disney), this grooming them for God knows what, but its not new, it’s something marxists have done in the past.[Check back to this site a post will go up with an explanation]

DC out of control on countless levels from again violating our rights to spending us into oblivion – this all funnels down to the local level tearing us apart.

We’re definitely in civil war now, some call it a culture war or a social war, but whatever its labeled in its simplest form its civil war the actual war-time shooting hasn’t started yet. IMO the first actual shots will be fired by very stupid people on both sides in Portland.

So what do you do?
Prepare for the worst hope for the best, do whatever you can to get actual conservatives into every level of government, from dog catcher, to school boards, city council, state House & Senate. We must lock things down at the state level because changing DC will take far more time.

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