Biden: Ultra-MAGA Agenda Attacking Families and Our Freedoms

The dementia ridden old kook continues to make things up to demonize his opposition knowing the uninformed uneducated majority of the democrat party will believe his every word.

All you ultra-MAGA people are destroying families in states like Florida and Texas, and companies like Disney, because you object to children being chemically castrated and surgically mutilated because they’re going through a “Tomboy” or “Sissy” phase, and/or being groomed for perverts and sexual predators!

The Left is insanely out of control, it’s beyond offensive someone wrote this garbage for the old kook to read knowing the truth why these states are making these laws TO PROTECT CHILDREN.

This sexualizing and confusing kids isn’t new either, the commies do it all the time cause distrust and hate that eventually lead to chaos and death. [More on this soon]

He thinks calling people ultra-MAGA who are fighting for rights and protecting children is a bad thing, when in reality when this fool and his ilk use that theyre admitting they’re anti-American, anti-protecting children etc etc. Dems ideas of “freedoms” are quite different than what conservatives and most freedom loving people around the world think.