Hillary: Trump and His Supporters ‘Are A Clear And Present Danger To American Democracy’

There she goes again the evil witch, who is one of the most corrupt in DC right behind biden, responsible for a massive hoax against President Trump and act of insurrection and rebellion really, continues to call Trump, and YOU his supporters, ‘a clear and present danger to American democracy’. And you know what? She’s right!

America is a REPUBLIC, governed by the rule of law, whereas a democracy is ruled by majority, aka MOB rule!

Here’s a refresher how they differ…

When you hear people say the US is a democracy you set them straight America is a Republic.

The list of crimes this monster has committed dwarfs anything the Left could conjur up against Trump. If we play along with what she’s saying here, SHE and her ilk are the ones who are ‘a clear and present danger to American democracy’. Look at the damage they’ve done to the US economically and socially, the unnecessary wars they’ve started killing mroe people than we can count, arming and enabling our enemies and how about the people they’ve had killed that got in their way or posed a threat to their reign of power! How many people connected to the Clinton crime family alone have died or been killed mysterisouly?!

Every single time these monsters accuse Trump or you of something you can bet the last dollar in your pocket they are already guilty of doing it!