DHS Secretary Insists The “Border Is Secure”

DHS Sec Alejandro Mayorkas continues to lie without a second thought that the US border is secure. How is the border secure when we have had more illegal aliens (1,746,119) than the population of Phoenix, AZ https://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/cities/united-states enter the US in FY’22!? Read it gain, MORE the entire city of Phoenix, AZ crossed the border into the US. These are people with next to NO education, they’re unskilled, carry disease, they have ZERO respect for our laws, and are criminals.

Mayorkas’ lies are so bad even the mayors of New York City and DC are bitching about illegals showing up in their cities putting a strain on the system.

This clown and his boss… bosses (obama-jarrett-rice-“biden”) are breaking multiple federal immigration laws here, not to mention are engaged in outright human trafficking!

But you know what’s more infuriating? The GOP has done NOTHING about this monster. Yes, they’re minority in Congress, but go through the motions to impeach him for official record! They don’t have the spine to do that, where as if the tables were flipped and the dems were the minority they would’ve already done it!

America’s problem isn’t just this POS DHS Sec, and the democrats – the GOP is as much if not more a of problem because they sit back letting things happen, making tons of excuses along the way while they BEG for donations, support and votes.