Ukrainian Born Congresswoman Rips Gun-Grabbing Democrats


Ukrainian born Rep Victoria Spartz, went off on evil gun-grabbing democrats for playing politics with peoples lives, as the demons advance their new gun bill that WILL BAN ALL semi-auto weapons, NOT just the evil black rifles.

Spartz, being female, an immigrant who sees her country being destroyed by a tyrant, is clearly an expert on the topic of ones right to self defense, and the importance of the people being armed. The demons seem to think disarming law-abiding Americans will stop gun crime. To this day they’ve presented no evidence demonstrating criminals follow laws, but think this one is the solution.

Forget the corruption and other political stories coming out of Ukraine, and look at it simply of a country being invaded by another, led by an absolute tyrant. This is and was the Founders intentions that all Americans be armed as well as the govt to thwart tyranny and outside threats. There were no restrictions on the types of weapons the people could own, and every able bodied man and woman was considered militia. Sorry demoncrats the musket in its time you say 2A was only written for was an “assault weapon”, “weapon of war”; so they in fact wanted the people to have WEAPONS OF WAR! The bastards in Congress trying to disarm us know this, while at least another half are completely clueless thinking “AR” means assault rifle, and they can’t even define what that means.

You have a God Given right to defend yourself – under no circumstance should you give up your weapons, let them pass a 1000 ILLEGAL unconstitutional gun laws, they’re all in direct violation of 2A’s ‘shall not be infringed’. These monsters know as long as you’re armed they can’t switch on this progressive machine they’ve been building, Build Back Better aka Great Reset aka New World Order… LIBERAL World Order.