Harris: “You Gotta Fight It In The Courts, But You Also Gotta Fight It In The Streets”

Leadership on the Left continues to use light, coded language ENCOURAGING their foot-soldiers on the streets to engage in intimidation and violence to get “rights” they THINK are protected under the Constitution.

The harlot, who advocated violence in an interview with Colbert Aug 2020(sidetone: Facebook flagged for not being in context when I transcribed it verbatim in FULL CONTEXT), is very clear that they must fight like civil rights icons in the courts and on the streets.

‘Let’s bring folks together seeing how much we have in common to fuel this movement, because right now there is a full-on attack on freedom and liberty in America on these issues [in ref to voting, LGBT, reproductive, same-sex marriage”rights”] and I say take back the flag freedom and liberty that’s what we fight for that’s what we fight for…. and if the former court of Thurgood Marshall wants to pursue its agenda that’s about taking those rights away as a constitutional right well let’s remember Thurgood and Constance Baker Motley and Charles Hamilton Houston, they understood you’ll fight it in the courts but you also gotta fight it in the streets, which is about organizing the people to stand up for their rights…’

These monsters EMBRACE violence because they know the Right ALWAYS backs down.

America these people are BULLIES, bullies who have NEVER had their ass kicked let alone been in a fight, always relying on their size and their vicious verbal attacks, at the top of their lungs, to put enough fear in you to back down. It’s a common trait ALL bullies have, they get a reputation over one event and then it snowballs, where NO ONE ever challenges them. I’m telling every single person reading this, if you cross their line, of that invisible circle we all have, and engage them further than they ever expected they’ll back down…. they’ll run. We see it all the time when antifa thugs get confronted by an even number of, and/or literally physically larger, Patriots.

Be the bullied kid on the playground who’s had enough and lays the bully out – this garbage from the Left will end.