Biden Economic Advisor Blames Putin US Food Banks Are Struggling

I dunno where this clown came from, but he’s working hard to get his masters degree in Goebbels Propaganda 101. The lies that come out of these monsters in the illegitimate regime have no bounds always pointing the finger of blame at President Trump, conservatives/GOP and of course tyrant Putin.

Food banks are stressed because our supply chain system has been redlined since the HOAX over the bug where people were allowed to go to work cutting production. They’re also strained because we’ve had this influx of leeches, as a result of an open border, who have next to no formal education, they’re unskilled but will gladly take from food banks meant to help US citizens who’ve fallen on hard times.

Food production is taking a hit because this country has made farming and raising of livestock a bad occupation to pursue. A lot of our food comes from across the border and overseas because we have IDIOTS running this country and major corporations. People with Z E R O business experience, never created anything, had to meet payroll etc but they got BULLSHIT degrees they think makes them better than you and that they deserve the big job without earning the position.

When people start starving here, like they are in other countries right now because of all he cuts, there is going to be nowhere for these monsters to hide.