Harris Again Proves Why She’s The Worst VP In US History

As the country suffers from inflation due to the illegitimate regimes destructive economic policies the HARLOT held an abortion roundtable where she declared her pronouns, that she’s a woman(?) where she is and what she’s wearing….

But it gets better, this IDIOT also delivered more nonsensical babble stating the Supreme Court will impact people, who will be impacted with direct impact.

‘will impact a lot of people and differently in some situations and we need to be responsive to these issues and also lift up the voices of all people who will be impacted in the way that they will be impacted…a couple of points in terms of the direct impact’

Keep in mind her speechwriter quit(one of many who quit) and she’s still talking like a complete idiot. That means IT’S HER not her staff feeding her bad scripts and what have you when she opens her mouth saying the dumbest things possible!

A lot of people were actually hoping the old guy’s case of c0v1d would be mild because the last thing they want is for her to slide into the big chair! How demented is that!? She’s insurance he won’t be replaced, just as the old fool was when the Monster was POTUS.

2.5 more years of this and frankly there’s no guarantee a republican ticket will win in 2024. The GOP has done nothing to avoid a repeat of the 2020 steal, the midterms will give us an idea.
Everyone knows dems should get wiped out in the midterms, but when they miraculously😉😉 pull off “narrow wins” to hold majority in Congress, because again NOTHING was done to remove progressives from controlling election system counting ballots, what’s everyones “Plan B”?

BTW those FACE PANTIES DO NOT WORK. Theyre not airtight and the bug is not the lethal threat the lying SOB’s made it out to be to STEAL the WH and control of Congress!