Dems ARE Coming For Your Guns – House Passes Bill to Ban Semi-Auto Weapons

In a 217-213 vote, 215 democrats and 2 republicans (Fitzpatrick (PA), Jacobs (NY)) in the House cheerfully voted to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights, and VIOLATING their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, by passing HR 1808 before going on vacation!

Like the man said this is what dems do in CA, because they’ve rigged the system to hold permanent one party rule. This is the same objective they have nationwide and they’re showing you what they have planned – erasure of all rights.

Senior House dems have been clear they want to disarm Americans of commonly used weapons because they THINK criminals follow laws, while leaving law-abiding Americans defenseless.

Many pundits on the Right claim this bill is DOA when it gets to the Senate, but is it?
Do they really believe progressives in the GOP won’t vote for it?
They seem to forget:
Lisa Murkowski
Susan Collins
Mitt Romney
Lindsey Graham and a couple other “republicans” who support gun control.

We are now in the fight of our lives to protect the most important right in the Bill of Rights. Without 2A there is NO 1A or any of the others, it is the LAST Check the People possess to keep a tyrannical govt in line.

This country is now on the path to civil war whether you want to hear/ believe it or not. America is far worse off and divided than it ever was in the late 1850’s, 1860 and EARLY 1861. What these monsters have done is stare at the American people in the eye while repeatedly pushing their “red button”. They’re practically begging for conflict, they want a fight because they think when the dust settles they’ll be standing on top of the rubble with their arms out calling on the masses to follow them into the new world. And also keep in mind the only thing stopping these monsters from implementing Build Back Better aka The Great Reset aka New World Order is each and every armed American.

The only reason these monsters want us disarmed is because they know what they plan to do all of us they would get shot for!