Democrat Congresswoman Calls SCOTUS ‘Single Greatest Existential Threat to Our Planet’

Unhinged violent democrats are still losing their minds because SCOTUS is doing their job ruling cases before them whether they’re Cosntitutional or not, vs political activism; like kicking abortion back to the states to decide, AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. Because dems didn’t get their way SCOTUS of course is a now deemed the ‘single greatest existential threat to our planet’ by radical Rep Bonnie Watson Coleman, as she whined over the Court’s decision against the EPA rejecting the agency to make law. She and her vile anti-American ilk are of course looking to expand SCOTUS with 4 additional Justices… political activists so what dems can’t get passed legislatively they’ll have their kangaroo court rubber-stamp as “law of the land”.

If they get their way and stack the court, the US is over. This is what happened in Venezuela shortly after Chavez took power taking the country from a rich capitalist to a poor socialist nation.

BTW I wasn’t aware 62 year old women could get pregnant!? What 62yo is getting pregnant seeking an abortion???