Fauci Says The Lockdowns Didn’t ‘Irreparably Harm Anyone’


LordFauci is making the rounds after announcing he will be resigning from the NIH in December. Many believe the little evil elf is jumping ship because when..IF the GOP gets majority they will hold hearings(useless) to allegedly get to the bottom of things and hold people responsible for the damage done during the bug hoax.

Running to Trump hating prog Cavuto on Fox, the evil elf claimed he had nothing to do with shutting anything down and that lockdowns didn’t ‘irreparably harm anyone’!

Uh huh tell that to the people whose businesses closed up, kids who lost 2 years of school, younglings who are now experiencing developmental issues etc. This little bastard played a direct role from day one, and yet continues to lie that nothing is his fault and he’s under attack.

Nothing is going to happen to this SOB, because the GOP is weak, the fact they’re threatening hearings should tell you all you need to know. When has anyone ever been held accountable after one of their hearings!? NEVER.

If you want the elf to be held accountable SOMEONE is going to have to charge him with a crime. Fact his fingerprints are all over the development of the bug should be enough but conservs really don’t have anyone to bring the heat to the elf or any dem.

What we need are some Frank Castle’s to set things right…..