Rogue FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home

We have another confirmation the USA is in fact a banana republic as the DNC’s Stasi.. Gestapo,the FBI sent 30 agents to raid Pres Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

For the record Hillary Clinton’s home(s) were never raided when she was in possession of thousands of classified emails on her personal computer.

Hunter Biden who has broken multiple federal gun and illegal drug laws, been engaged in clear acts of money laundering remains free as a bird.

This is Garland exacting REVENGE for being denied to sit on SCOTUS so he unleashed the Gestapo on Trump. Now you know why he was denied. The “man” is an absolute MONSTER, can’t imagine the damage he would do on the bench.

Also understand clearly the marxists raided Trump because they know NONE OF YOU COMPLAINING ARE GOING TO DO A GOD DAMN THING ABOUT IT and it sends message you get out of line they’ll bring the hammer down on you.

Look what they’re doing to him, wait till you see what they do to you via the “Inflation Reduction Act” where they’re doubling the size of their other enforcers, the IRS who will be bigger than Pentagon, State Dept, Border Patrol and FBI combined!

What happened today is disgusting and beyond enraging. We are at war folks whether any of you want to admit it.