Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Witch Hunt ‘Baseless, False’

The left is clearly on full attack mode, I contend we would be seeing this towards any candidate that is taking the lead as Cain has done recently.This is a clear example of controlling the narrative by the fringe state controlled media. No matter what answer or explanations are delivered by Cain it doesn’t matter. The left & the media will continue to hammer away the same old story putting their own unique spin to taint as many potential voters as possible. Cain is an out of the box candidate, if you think back the left has been doing one hell of a job calling the GOP race a two man race; Perry & Romney. They want them to run against each other and then against Pharaoh Obama. Cain is a huge risk to them for the minority vote. The left is use to using… manipulating minorities to get votes. Cain in the mix put the Pharaohs chances at re-election at greater risk. A true black man vs a mixed race who was given the title of “first black President”. How do you handle that? How does the left deal with that when they are use to holding the cards when it comes to manipulating minorities.

Best way, is to destroy the threat, destroy Cain whether waht happened is tru or not. They do this by painting a dark picture and constant hammering away. The snapshot above from Drudge is a lear example. It’s story after story about this, and it will continue probably until the next GOP debate. There are plenty on the left guilty of what’s being charged at Cain but you see that doesn’t matter. The double standard of the left is in full effect! When the debate roll around generally ran by leftists news organizations it will be a full on instigated attack.