Ron Paul On Fox News Speaks With Megyn Kelly About Congressional Insider Trading Thinks ‘It’s Wrong’ And May Be Against The Law!


Insider trading is insider trading! Mr. Constitution, follow the rule of law, seems to be taking the high road here. Why? Maybe its time to see how widespread this political insider trading has gone in DC? Does anyone have the guts to take a look at Paul’s investments or will he be given a pass because he invokes the Constitution every single time he speaks?

Curious why has anyone ever challenged him on his remarks of the Constitutionality of an issue, he always say “under the Constitution…” or “the Constitution gives the right…” yet he NEVER cites where! Anyone notice that about him? Anyone take notice how he sounds like another politician who sounded great and said things people just took as gospel but never looked deeper into the guy. That guy of course is Pharaoh Obama; yea lets not make the same mistake twice.

Members of Congress are subject to all the same laws as any American he of all people is against those who are above the law yet takes this odd position? Should be red flags to anyone about him. It is illegal for ANYONE to engage in insider trading… that goes for Congressmen, Senators, Presidents, Governors, Mayors, Mr. Big CEO of XYZ Corp, to John/Jane Doe!

Let me say it again, NOTHING will ever change in America until ALL POLITICIANS ARE REMOVED FROM OFFICE.