Allen West: Holder Invoking Race Card A ‘Slap In My Face As A Professional African American’

I’d like to know why Rep West, Issa, along with several others who have even stated Holder should be impeached, have taken no steps to do just that and remove Holder from power?

Im a fan of West but I challenge him and all of you to put pressure on him and Issa to make a move. There is too much talk coming out of DC and no action. Enough of the BS hearing, political grandstanding its time to put things in motion. This country is coming apart at the seems just in time for the ’12 election. An election we know this admin is already positioning itself if need be to fight it out in court and shows bias toward radical groups. By letting the Black Pussy Cats loose it has said it endorses voter intimidation. By endorsing Occupy it shows it endorses people who have no respect for the law, private property, their fellow citizens, common decency and anarchy!

This is a game children, stop allowing that one kid on the playground to dictate how the game will go b/c its not going in their favor. Its OK NOT to be nice, b/c I can tell you the other side couldnt careless if you are or even show some luv their way. To them you are a joke and a laughing stock! STOP PLAYING THIS GAME BY THEIR RULES!