Glenn Beck Tears Obama’s Speech (Full of Lies) Apart …. and Smashes a Trophy!

Todays episode of GBTV was epic IMO, one of Becks best, not to mention seeing him smash a trophy!He painfully took Obamas speech apart citing facts unlike Obamas lies. (Which the media has reported is full of holes in Becks defense). Beck said things no one in mainstream media would say even going as far as calling it like it is that Obama is a liar.. which he is!

If you dont have GBTV, sign up! You get 2 weeks free and for the cost of sacrificing one cup of Starbucks coffee a month (or McDonalds or whatever you “waste” $5 a month on that you can live without) you can keep the service. $5 a month is worth it!

These are the excerpts from today if IF I can find the entire HALF HOUR of Beck destroying Obama I will post it!

It didn’t end there following the destruction of Obamas speech Beck had the NRAs Wayne LaPierre and SE Cupp talking about the rising demand for guns and the govts attempt to undermine the Second Amendment via Fast & Furious program.