Democrats Go To U.N. Over Voter ID Laws

Does anyone in the US outside of the progressive dirtbag movement care what the UN has to say? Libs running to the Human Rights Council ie Russia, China, Venezuela over voting rights? Great logic proggies! The same countries who are on record for election fraud, voter intimidation and generally for just pummeling on their people you want to go to over voter rights because common sense says produce an ID?!

Curious when will all of you proggies be running to this organization over the discrimination in requiring ID’s to drive a car, buy liquor & cigarettes, pay by check, pay by credit card, rent a car, get a room for a night at hotel or to board an airplane? When should we expect that appeal? We know what you are up to! You guys are so desperate for votes you know you need illegals voting for you along with dead people and Mickey Mouse. It’s not going to fly we are on to all of you!

The insanity coming from the left at this point you couldn’t make up for a movie or tv show. Just admit it proggies, you want the Human Rights Council to approve voter fraud so you can get your boy king a second term!