Friday Document Dump, Obama Issues Executive Order “National Defense Resources Preparedness”

You have probably got wind of this if not surprise!! It appears the Obama regime went ahead with one of its typical friday document dumps this time on what some perceive as a power grab and potential move closer to Martial Law!

Here is the problem many are bringing up with this is that it’s almost an exact copy of the original order issued back in 1994 under Clinton. Ed Morrissey over at analysis of it states that the majority of it is just updates and “delegation of existing authority”. Many of the powers that once went to FEMA now go to DHS since when this document was first introduced DHS didn’t exist. These powers are still “all in the family” within the Cabinet. Morrissey does a good job breaking it down so check out his analysis.

I am posting this to ask the bigger question, the same question you got to be asking yourself why now? Why does the Obama regime keep doing these friday night document dumps if they are nothing really to worry about? Clearly the regime is up to something to create this new smokescreen and misdirection from whatever they are up to. They are masters at doing this. So we all need to be vigilant and start looking around to see what the other hand is up to. You know it I know it, this regime is up to something, they always are when they have a friday document dump. They are hiding something, and its up to us to find out what!

Here are some screen shots you can read the entire order here.