Obama: ‘Just Common Sense’ Passing the Buffett Rule So That Everyone Pays Their Fair Share

Ok folks Warren Buffett pays a lower tax than his secretary because the majority of his income is from investments, dividends etc… this is what is called CAPITAL GAINS TAX. Buffetts secretary pays INCOME TAX. Oh and Barry left out how Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway owes back taxes going back to 2002. Where is his fair share Obama?

America Obama is lying there is no other way to say it. He is targeting the wealthy in the country to divide this nation in class warfare. Why he is pushing this lie when the two taxes have been explained countless times is baffling? Obama is clearly desperate at this point being the utter failure to the office he represents in US history. The TRUTH is a concept that does not exist within the walls of the White House. At this point his insistence to continually lie about taxes and target wealthy Americans is shameful. The millionaires and billionaires Obama wants to pay their fair share have already paid taxes on the income they earned. The lower taxes they pay now is on their investment income. These are two totally different tax rates, Obama knows this.

Don’t know what, but he is clearly up to something with this angle, besides the demonizing of wealthy Americans but now directly targeting Congress when he says they will all be on record. Something is brewing…