Postman: Ayers Family Put ‘Foreigner’ Obama Through School

The pieces are coming together! We now have an independent source a former postal worker confirming the Ayers/ Obama relationship! This supports the argument made some time ago by Scott Baker on Glenn Beck’s Fox show where Baker broke down the Obama connections to Chicago. Going as far back on Valerie Jarrett and Bill Ayers families ties!

You can also check out Beck’s Tree of Revolution vids which covered Ayers and other radical connections to the White House.

My concern in this has nothing to do with the birther issue. As I have written that is a smokescreen created more than likely to hide Obama’s legal identity. As this story will indicate and support that he took the name of Soetoro while in Indonesia. So one has to wonder if his name was legally changed to Soetoro when was it changed back to Obama?!

Moving on this is just another confirmation of Obama’s tight ties to Ayers and radicals.

Postman: Ayers Family Put ‘Foreigner’ Obama Through School
Claims he met young Barack who boasted he would someday be president

By Jerome Corsi, WND

CHICAGO, Ill. – Did the parents of former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers help finance Barack Obama’s Harvard education?

Did Ayers’ mother believe Obama was a foreign student?

And was the young Obama convinced at the time – long before he even entered politics – that he was going to become president of the United States?

A retired U.S. Postal Service carrier who delivered mail to Tom and Mary Ayers in a Chicago suburb in the late 1980s and early 1990s and claims to have met Obama in front of the Ayers home emphatically says yes to all three questions.

Allen Hulton, who was commended for 39 years of honorable service with the USPS, has given a sworn affidavit to investigators commissioned by Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio to determine whether Obama is eligible for Arizona’s 2012 election ballot. Hulton has recorded about three hours of video interviews with WND.

Hulton says that in conversations with Mary Ayers while on his route he learned of the couple’s enthusiasm and support for a black foreign student. One bright, warm Chicagoland day, he recounts, he met the student who fit Mary Ayers’ description in front of the Ayers home in Glen Ellyn, Ill. That young man, Hulton is convinced, was Barack Obama. ….

…. He says that Mary Ayers told him the student’s name, but that it was a “strange name” that he could not remember, even though at the time it sounded African to him.

“I was taken aback by how enthusiastic she was about him,” Hulton says. “And I believe she said he was from either Kenya or Indonesia, and I favor Indonesia in my recollection.” Read more at WND