Mitt Romney Wins Primaries In Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington DC

Mainstream media is calling Mitt Romney the winner in todays GOP Primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington DC.
Will Santorum continue on? Is it time for Paul and Gingrich to get out?

Romney: 612 Delegates**

Santorum: 264 Delegates**

Gingrich: 137 Delegates**

Paul: 71 Delegates**

** Delegate standings pending #’s vary
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Romney sweeps primary night, wins Wisconsin contest, Fox News projects

Mitt Romney is the winner of the Wisconsin Republican presidential primary, Fox News projects.


Mitt Romney has won the Maryland and D.C. Republican presidential primaries, Fox News projects, further solidifying his national lead in the race for the nomination.

Rick Santorum is projected to finish a distant second in the Maryland race, while Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are currently battling for third, based on Fox News exit polls. The former Pennsylvania senator did not qualify for the ballot in the District of Columbia.

The polls have also closed in the Wisconsin primary, which is considered the battleground of the night. It is too early to say who will win the state, but Romney is holding a solid lead over Santorum according to Fox News exit polls.

Despite the bleak outlook for the night, Santorum rallied a Pennsylvania crowd and hammered the point that only half the total delegates available in the GOP contest have been awarded.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, has increasingly begun to focus on the general election and a matchup against President Obama, who is seeking a second term.

With 92 delegates up for grabs on Tuesday, he will add to his delegate lead and cross the halfway point on his march toward the 1,144 delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

Santorum and the rest of the candidates, though, have indicated they intend to keep on campaigning…. Read More