Biden: “It’s A Depression For Millions And Millions Of Americans”

For once this guy says something I can agree with. For once this guy tells the truth too! We are in a depression folks make no mistake about it. The food lines, unemployment lines and Hoovervilles have been replaced with EBT cards/ Food Stamps, unemployment insurance/ government bailouts and shelters.

The progressives since the Great Depression of the 1930’s have re-engineered America’s social system to not mimic what took place in the 30’s visually. I mean just look at it a step back from all the news etc look at how many social programs are in place today compared to the 30’s! Yes yes its true! The numbers today be it debt, record numbers in poverty and on government assistance, unemployment, profit/ loss etc etc are worse today than they were in the 30’s!! You are living in a stealth depression! For those who still question it people lived and went about their business then as they do today. People had jobs had food while others had nothing… just like today.Do your homework and find out for yourself.