“Dark Knight” Premier Shooting, At Least 12 Killed 50 Injured During Movie Massacre in Aurora CO

Early reports are as “The Dark Knight Rises” movie started 1 male individual stood up armed with “long gun” and a handgun, wearing body armor or dark clothing, gas mask and began firing randomly after setting off some type of smoke or tear gas device.

– Multiple people (40-50) injured, 12 people have reportedly been killed possibly children and a baby.
– 1 suspect in custody possible second shooter on the loose.
– Also being reported that possible explosive devices have been found in a vehicle.

Info is very fluid check back for updates:

– 2nd shooter has been ruled out
– Police suspects home “booby trapped”
– A third handgun has been reported, and its suggested it may have been planted (?!?)
– Suspect in his 20’s, fired approx 20 rounds inside the theater, used 4 guns in the attack; 1 semi-automatic rifle (AR-15), 1 shotgun (Remington 870) & 2 handguns (Glock .40 cal)
– Shooter is former med student James Holmes
Suspect Identified: James Holmes, 24, white, only contact with police was traffic ticket in 2011
Shot anyone trying to leave