George Will and Jennifer Rubin Demolish Time’s Joe Klein on Gun Control Laws

These people are out of their minds, it’s not movies, video games or the boogeyman’s fault for gun violence. Are they going to pass new legislation against alcohol? Last time I checked there are more people killed by drinking and driving than by a gun!

When guys like the Aurora shooter have their minds set on killing they will do through any means available to them. This guy knew chemistry he could have easily cooked up a bomb to toss in that theater vs the tear gas. Funny how these leftist brainiacs forget that. McVeigh used a truck loaded with fertilizer to kill in Oklahoma.

The gun doesn’t make the killer kill it’s just an instrument. You take away guns he/she will find something else to use. Hell I’ll go out on a limb and say we are better off this nut had a gun and only shot 71 people. Had he not had access to guns he could have cooked up some type of explosive possibly killing twice as many as those in total shot!!!

Did you ever consider that libs? Of course not you see nut + gun + killings = ban guns. The solution is stop disarming law-abiding people, I have no doubt an armed concealed carry holder would have changed everything that night. This 71 year old is proof of that and he should be the poster child against gun control freaks