Senator Feinstein Says Concealed & Carry Would Have Meant a “Firefight in Theater” With Many

Bullshit! “Killed many more”, it was already a massacre, a one-sided firefight if you will. A responsible gun owner would NOT be spraying and praying! All you f-king liberals out there have no clue. It’s not the “OK Chicago Corral”, where you have people blasting each other, if any responsible gun owner was there ARMED they would have put that SOB DOWN!

Feinstein is flat-out wrong and completely uninformed like most who are anti-gun. Fact of the matter is it’s the gun control freaks who are responsible for every mass shooting. They disarmed the public and permitted killing fields for monsters who have no regard for human life.

SO yes you read it right besides blaming that monster who killed 12, I’m blaming anti-gun proponents for this shooting as well; Ft. Hood, Virginia Tech, Columbine etc etc. Concealed carry SAVES LIVE, this 71 year old PROVED THAT just a few days before!!!

Diane blood is on YOUR HANDS GO TO HELL!