71 Year Old Demonstrates Why Concealed Carry is a Game Changer Against Evil

This 71 yr old, Samuel Williams, is proof that allowing citizens to be armed does make a difference. And no lefty loons the country will not become a shooting gallery. (BTW take note they are wearing hoodies!!!) Do your homework on cities and states with high crime rates, you will find they have strict gun laws in place. Complete opposite takes place in cities and states who allow their citizens to arm themselves. Imagine if one or two people were armed in that theater!?

After last night, politicizing of the CO shooting should be about why many states have made it extremely difficult for responsible Americans to arm themselves in public via concealed carry(CCW). Evil will always exist, and if it isn’t a gun it will be some other weapon used. Why do those in power insist on disarming people?

Quite frankly if I’m ever a victim of violence like last night and survive I will find a way to SUE my state for violating my rights as a human being and preventing me from the ability to arm myself in public via CCW.

It is our God given right to be able to protect ourselves, family and property. Who are “you” (pro gun control advocates) to say I am not allowed to defend myself, family etc? What gives “you” the right to make that decision? If “you” choose to dial 911 wait for police to show up while someone is harming others, stealing etc because “you” don’t like weapons, fine that is on “you” but don’t push that insane ideology on me. 90% of the time the purpose of police is to handle the events after a crime is committed; to make a report, mark evidence and location of victim(s) etc.