Unemployment Really 23 Percent

As I have said time and again here we are in a Stealth Depression. The figures of today are as bad if not worse than during the 30’s. Even worse because today people have credit card debt, personal loans, car loans/ leases, second even third mortgages on their homes; these things didn’t even exist then! Couple that with all the other economic facts and figures and it’s clear as day!

The powers that be will never invoke the “D” word because they know markets globally will collapse within a very short period of time. People deny it because the images associated with the depression are not seen today. What you need to understand is the food lines, unemployment lines, Hoovervilles etc etc have been replaced by unsustainable social entitlement programs. The food and unemployment lines have been replaced with food stamps and unemployment insurance all subsidized by the government. A government we know that is run us off a cliff with out of control spending! Still there you just can’t see them, thus a stealth depression!