Why is Brian Ross Still Working at ABC News? BOYCOTT ABC

Enough is enough with the left and their insatiable desire to blame any tragedy on the TEA Party, conservatives, right, republicans etc.

We know nothing will happen to Brian Ross, Chief Investigative Correspondent, who couldn’t help himself from going and looking for TEA party connections to the “Dark Knight” premier shooting. I do not care if ABC has since apologized, they went looking for it the moment they learned the shooters name, James Holmes.

Since they will not do anything to Ross I am calling for a Nationwide Boycott of ABC and all their properties. Money is all they care about, a boycott of all their programs as well as those advertising with them should get their attention that the American people have had it with the bias. Yes you read correctly I am also calling for all advertisers on ABC programs/ properties to be boycotted as well. The arguments against boycotts no longer hold water in this day and age. People and businesses must learn their is a priece to be paid for siding with evil, and what Ross did today is evil.