There He Goes Again: Brian Ross Labels Neo-Nazi Shooter as ‘Right-Wing’

I swear my head is going to burst with the lies and deceit coming out of the radical left monsters.

Neo Nazi is German in nature, it is far right by THEIR LEFTIST standard it is not the same as US far right… (true right on the Political Spectrum)

This is the true poltical spectrum


This is the political spectrum Ross and most people think of. This spectrum (minus “Anarchy, Liberalism, Conservativism, Slavery Freedom Slavery”; whomever made it is quite confused!) could be turned on its side and place over the true spectrums “True Left” half!!

neo Nazi = National Socialists = SOCIALISTS = LEFT!! In America we have democrats “left” & republicans “right”, but in the bigger political spectrum they are both LEFT!!! The same rule applies in Germany/ Europe!!

Brian Ross and the rest of his disgusting kind are literally borderline guilty of treason at this point. The press is supposed to be the last line of defense for the people to get the truth out. Ross and all those like him instead push lies, deceit and misinformation daily. Brian you do know the day is coming when you will have to answer for the things you have done… don’t you?