Obama Wins Re-Election: Death of the Republic

So the gimme gimme, entitlement drones all around socialists can now come out of the closet and embrace the Pharaoh.

Those of you out there cheering and gloating you have no idea what you have done. The Constitution has already been halfway burned there is nothing to stop his majesty from finishing it off.

You dopes have also handed the control of the Supreme Court to hardcore progressive radicals. You see, more than likely two more justices will be stepping down to be appointed by 0bama. There will be no fair decisions made, the 0bamacare decision is clear example of that.

The country many of us knew and grew up under has just had its life line yanked. You think the last four years were tough with record unemployment (don’t forget 100 million Americans have been forgotten), record poverty massive debt will just all go away in a second term? Under his reign all of these things and much more were accelerated at an alarming rate.

There is absolutely nothing left to stop him from finishing the country off. He has a promise to Putin to fulfill! Prepare for high taxes, healthcare, new heavily restrictive regulations, debt going way over $20 trillion, massive unemployment and the list goes on and on.

Now that 0bamacare will be in stone along with countless new regulations and taxes anyone who is part of the 23 million unemployed don’t get your hopes up. Ya see the most divisive potus in history has been re-elected, the same one who HATES capitalism, has targeted the rich, you know the ones who create jobs, since his first run for potus. That said don’t expect company XYZ to be hiring or expanding! No instead many companies will be cutting back even more and probably reducing their labor force to an even smaller number…. forgot about that one didn’t you!

Prepare for radical changes and the UN sticking its nose in our business as this man is prepared to bend-over for them.

Republican Party hope you enjoyed the ride… you are officially dead after tonight. The best you can do while in office is pull a Harry Reid and do absolutely nothing, but let me make it clear the GOP is done after tonight. Laura Ingraham was right and many of us are waging civil war with ALL OF YOU! Bunch of do nothing empty promisers!

If this is in fact true I have a message for you third party Gary Johnson/Ron Paul loving delusional third party/ write-in or whatever you call yourselves…. YOU ARE FAIR GAME IN PUBLIC! IF this is verified, if you dopes in fact handed a cpl of these key states to the Emperor I will follow through with a promise to hammer all of you publicly and make your lives as miserable as mine has been.

This page will more than likely be updated so you may want to check back…….