Race Hustler Al Sharpton Planning March Against NRA

Over the last year there have been 440+ killings in Chicago alone, where has this POS racist been? Where was he when a little 6yr old girl was shot sitting on the front step of her home when gangbangers were on a shooting spree?

Hypocrite with an agenda right in line with the progressive plan to destroy this country! This guy will NEVEr get in front of someone with a clue on the facts who will cite that taking guns out of the picture doesn’t stop the criminal from getting their hands on a gun. Gun grabs do nothing but empower criminals while leaving law-abiding people defenseless.

Where is counter protest to this? Where are the pro-gun leaders announcing their marches against the draconian bills being drafted against the 2nd Amendment? Where are the counter [protests to opportunists like Al?

This is your fundamental problem AmeriKa. You are too complacent and busy at times to lift a finger, expecting someone else to do something, to those you complain about night and day. And this will be your undoing!