Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt and Piers Morgan Go At It Again

Morgan lies more times than I can count. For instance he says mass killing has never been stopped by an armed civilian. FACT the shooting in Portland ended because that killer saw an armed citizen, Nick Meli, getting ready to drop him; that killer ended up killing himself.

Later Morgan tries to run his statistics argument leaving out key factors like 1) the US has a larger population than the UK 2) the stats he cites are based on metropolitan areas. These were all addressed in a video about gun violence stats recently, where the presenter even called Morgan out for his deception.

Morgan even questions the intentions of our Founders. Maybe he should go back to school and learn about sentence structure because in 2A there are commas separating those who 2A is addressing. It establishes militias but also the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Piers Morgan is very dangerous to this country. He is using his nationally broadcasted show to push for the Second Amendment to be restricted where some in agreement with him are even calling to have it repealed. It’s beyond First Amendment issue because he is lying and preying off of the emotions following the Sandy Hook massacre. People are not thinking rational, he knows this and is trying to shape public opinion by deception. Oh and apparently he can be thrown out of the US!