Michelle Malkin: “This Gun Grubbing Grandstand HAS to Stop!”

Like Rahmbo said never let a good crisis go to waste. You can be sure Feinstein’s bill will dwarf anything that has been proposed or passed. In what was hinted earlier this month is a clause to confiscate weapons without the government ever lifting a finger!

There are 300mil guns in circulation, lets assume she gets her way. Gun owners will have to register etc etc but here is the EVIL part, when you die your guns must be handed over to the government! This is the ultimate gun grab without them doing anything! Remember progressives don’t work for the immediate here and now, they act to accomplish their goals over long periods of time. This nightmare we are living in is 100 years in the making.

You can be sure the 300mil guns that exist today will someday be at 0 if lib progs get their way.