Feinstein LIES Claiming All of the Police, Mayors in US Support Her Weapons Ban

Last time I checked countless number of sheriffs are banning together in opposition to any gun grabbing laws and some states are even drawing up anti anti-gun laws.

Yea its radical because this witch is using every angle possible to disarm the public. Oh and newsflash you old hag the Second Amendment says nothing about hunting and sporting.

The lies… the outright lies this seditious thing tells will make your blood boil.

“…America’s laws are virtually non-existent”, so this things logic is to have one more law added to the mix to infringe on our rights! The laws it talks about are non-existent because no one is enforcing them what does it think will change this time around? We now have over 50 companies saying to anyone who goes against the Second Amendment to shove it up their ass! Does this seditious creature truly believe its law will change anything?

I didn’t hear one mention of addressing the true problem with gun violence: mental health. The seditious creature left out the part that all these killers (NOT shooters) are all mentally ill!

Yes America will stand up and say enough is enough with YOU and all the other anti-Constitutional “leaders” in DC, state and local governments.

Get your little bill together “senator” and put it to a vote this week! Stop screwing around put it to a vote right now and let’s see who will and will not stand for the Constitution. You know that document you swore to uphold!