The Lack of Respect Epidemic in America

This lack of respect came from the 60’s defiant generation who perpetuated the entitlement mentality. They spawn a new generation that got even more radical and it continues generation after generation. This is also the result of those generations raised on Oprah’s “you are beautiful”, “wonderful”, “do whatever you want” etc etc NONSENSE! Those who grew up watching this crap are now having kids like this girl. For over 20 plus years Oprah pushed this crap on tv and other shows jumped on the band wagon! It’s a fact we have people who grew up watching these horrible daytime tv talk shows that shaped their opinions and then they passed it on to their kids.

American Idol epitomizes this. During the first weeks of auditions how many dopes do you see go on that show who are complete train wrecks? Only one person on that show ever put those people in their place, former judge Simon Cowell. He told them what their family and friends should have told them… “YOU SUCK“! Nobody says YOU SUCK anymore.

Hell some who got the boot get defiant and say “you don’t know sh*t” only to meet up with family that continue to back them encouraging them to continue on to a life of actual failure!

Because they feel entitled they think they can go around do whatever they want and say whatever they want to hell with everyone else!

This lack of respect was created during 60’s that spawned a defiant generation who let TV raise their kids where people like Oprah continued to fill their heads with bullsh*t instead of tough love. It’s a fact argue with me all you want I guarantee I can track one’s entitlement stance to her or those dopes from that wretched era!