TSA Assaults & Traumatizes Three-Year-Old Girl in Wheelchair

!@#$%^&* here we go again, vids like these totally enrage me! The emperors national security force once again treats a baby like a terrorist. This has to stop! If your blood pressure isn’t spiking watching this then you need to take a good long hard look at yourself. There is no reason to search a baby in a wheelchair!

Please someone cite a terrorist act committed by a child let alone one in a wheel chair wanting her mother and her “Lamby”!!

100% abuse of powers not to mention the lies told to the parents that it’s against the law to record them! You so badly want to blame the TSA but they are just automatons following orders. The blame ultimately goes to Holder, Napolitano and emperor 0bama.

Poster of the video writes:
“Why are citizens not carrying out a full-on economic boycott of the airlines for all non-essential travel? What will it take, if not the unconstitutional persecution of a little child in a wheelchair?”

Thats what I have been saying! Problem is most of the conservatives on the radio or tv who will talk about this are against boycotts so they won’t call for one. Hell there are boycotts all the time against those radio/tv personalities yet they never lead and call for one. Unfortunately through them it is the only way to really get steam behind a boycott. I could say right now “let’s boycott XYZ here’s why” and only a few will really take part. It will be talked about on Twitter and a few will share it on Facebook but nothing will happen until someone with a national voice will push for it.

We have no true leaders right now in DC or in the new media.. we are on our own folks… welcome to the resistance!