O’Reilly and Beckel Clash Over Gun Control Failure

Sorry Billy the people will never agree to a gun registry, its one of the reasons why there is such huge opposition to the gun control bill that failed. Go ahead and toughen the laws on the books but you can shove the registry. Again every single time someone buys a gun at a shop or gun show they fill out paperwork, from/ at licensed (by the ATF) dealers, which is run through the DOJ, so enough of these lies about it not being done.

The gun show loophole is a lie I want to know who started pushing it?!

Beckel is such a dope, a tool and the face of the left. NRA are thugs huh? What about the hundreds of leftist lobbyists tied to the DNC? Are they good little angels Bobby? The NRA stands and fights for our rights, without the Second Amendment there is no Bill of Rights. Please tell us what all the unions do, tell us about all the good they do?! Tell us about the good all the organizations tied to Soros do?!