UN Arms Treaty Approved, 46 Dems Voted in Favor of Handing Gun Rights Over to UN

U.N. passes sweeping international arms regulation viewed by some as Second Amendment override
By David Sherfinski|The Washington Times
The United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday signed off on a sweeping, first-of-its-kind treaty to regulate the international arms trade, brushing aside worries from U.S. gun rights advocates that the pact could lead to a national firearms registry and disrupt the American gun market.
The long-debated U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) requires countries to regulate and control the export of weaponry such as battle tanks, combat vehicles and aircraft and attack helicopters, as well as parts and ammunition for such weapons. It also provides that signatories will not violate arms embargoes, international treaties regarding illicit trafficking, or sell weaponry to countries for genocide, crimes against humanity or other war crimes.…read more
Ok so you got all that? Now add to that this little gem, there was a vote March 23rd on a bill proposed by Sen Inhofe to “uphold the Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty”, which narrowly passed 53-46!
Here are the senators who voted AGAINST upholding the Second Amendment:
Certified Enemies of the Republic

As you can see they are demoncrats but more importantly they are CERTIFIED ENEMIES OF THE STATE
Question: Are these senators NOT in violation of their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States? If so, should they be held for treason or at the least recall elections be initiated to have them removed from power?