NJ Citizens Attending Gun Hearing Disobey Senators Orders and Recite Pledge of Allegiance

(This took place at the NJ Senate gun control hearing in Trenton, NJ on April 30, 2013.)

“After a late start, and a “ten minute break” that lasted more than a half hour, the NJ Senate committee on gun control decides to cut off public comment on the proposed gun control bills at 4 o’clock. The chairman and most of the committee then refuse to honor the pledge of allegiance.”

How dare these elected servants to the people sit there while the Pledge of Allegiance is recited! Perfect example of how bad our situation is coast to coast. We have sitting politicians who are going to move forward with their agenda and they couldn’t careless about the people.

They dupe people to vote them into office then they turn on them. We see it in countless examples from all over the nation. Progressives must be stopped. The days of sitting back and complying are over!