Rep. Gohmert Plays Dumb Says Time To Take On Obama ID Fraud?; STR Asks What is Obama’s Legal Name?

I like Rep Gohmert am NOT a birther. I do believe the imperial regime has been milking the birther movement as a distraction to keep all eyes off asking the real question:
What is Obama’s Legal Name?

This question has yet to be answered because so many are determined to prove he was not born in the US. I say he was and through sites who “debunk” the birther theory they only strengthen my position that his legal identity is the one in question.

Why does this matter? Well quite simply if his legal name is not Barack Obama but in fact Barry Soetoro, as I argued over 2 years ago, then the president has committed identity fraud! It would void everything he has signed into law and done! It could also create massive havoc, possibly war around the world since everything he has done would be deemed an illegal act!

Remember folks it was Hillary Clinton’s camp that started the birther angle not conservatives. Oddly so many are focused on the birth certificate instead of the alleged adoption of Obama by Lolo Soetoro. We have as fact a document from his school in Indonesia showing his name registered as Barry Soetoro.

Soetoro school record

As I understand it he had to be the legal son of Lolo Soetoro in order to attend school. So, if his name was legally changed to Soetoro during his mothers second marriage when was it legally changed back to Obama when the marriage failed? Or through no malice on anyones part did they just start calling him by his original last name when he returned to Hawaii to live with his grandparents!?

Put yourself in their shoes 40+ years ago, would you even think about changing the name back?! Most wouldn’t, they would have blown it off and just called him by the name they always knew him by.

The validity of the birth certificate is a smokescreen folks! This is why the financial aid, medical and educational records are sealed! No one wants anyone to see what name he used when he signed for his school loans, term papers etc.! Please take a look at my piece What Is Obama’s Legal Name? (Does it matter?)