Explosive CNN Panel Argue Over the Use of Racist Words

Just words people and if you are so weak to be offended and taken off-balance when you are called a racist or bigoted word you have serious issues! Also the double standards have to stop. If we are going to be so offended by words then each side should be able to use certain words. If its ok for blacks to call whites “cracker” “honky” etc then whites should be ok saying “n*gga” “n*gger”! I know I just censored myself! Thats because of the censoring in place on the net. If I left it be this post wouldn’t show up in a lot of places!

Before someone fires back and says “well you’re white what do you know?” Well I’m Italian so I have heard plenty of racist/ bigoted words directed towards Italians. I didn’t throw a fit, call for people to lose their jobs, or make childish threats. I’m a big boy and I was taught a long time ago a simple saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me“! So grow up America!

Now for those who will say and use these offensive words I have some advice for you when you will be attacked for using them. This logic is right out of the lefts play book, so I am taking 100% credit for using this defense:

“It’s just my culture, this is how people I grew up and live around talk! No offense intended, this is how we talk.”
“This is my culture, this is how we talk.”
“This is my culture sorry if you’re offended it’s how people talk where I am from.” (©SavingtheRepublic.com)

Rachel Jeantel laid the foundation for this during her testimony in the Zimmerman/ Martin case. The media loved her response and justification of racial words used, that there was no racist sentiment from Trayvon as he talked with her describing Zimmerman on the phone before the fatal shooting. So fine we can play that game!

Hey Paul Deen this is all you had to say and you would probably still have you show, book deal and your junk selling in a number of dept store chains!