Rush Rails Against GOP ‘Mindset Of Permanent Minority’: ‘We Could Stop Everything’ Dems Want To Do

First let me correct Rush, it’s not a permanent minority, the proper designation is a permanent dependent entitlement voting class!

Most of the GOP are spineless or in bed with progressives, like Graham and McCain, who are one in the same with the dems.

The biggest problem with the right is this desire to think things over and talk things out, while on the flip side the left takes action. This is why the left gets what they want because they say it and then take steps to make it happen.

Now if things weren’t bad enough the right allows the left to demonize any action they would take. So they take their bloody nose holding their head up high not stooping to the lefts level and do nothing. Well that’s all fine and great holding your head high, just remember GOP you still lost. I’d rather take the bloody nose and then some trying to stop the lefts agenda vs getting that bloody nose and fearing more to come so I do nothing!

Here is a visual of what I am trying to put across here…

The left knows this and banks on it! Thats why you lose these battles time and again to them America.