Dan Bongino 4th of July Speech: We Are in an Epic Battle For Freedom & Liberty Against People ‘Playing For Keeps’

“This fight we are in right now is epic and it’s a battle with an opponent who knows no limits. Ladies and gentlemen the opposing side is playing for keeps. These people are not fooling around. I bring this up because the fight we are in is about freedom and liberty the real freedom and liberty not talking points!”

Dan Bongino delivered a fantastic keynote speech at the Maryland Conservative Soiree. The former Secret Service agent made it very clear we are in a fight for our freedom and liberty against the left who is “playing for keeps… these people are not fooling around”! Bongino spells out to the attendees that they must be active and fight back! This is something I have been preaching since STR’s inception!

h/t FrontLineState